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Scams: Smuggling And Animal Cruelty

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The following article entitled "13 smuggled puppies doing well in quarantine" was taken from the website. We are encouraging you to read through the article to understand how this kind of scam is committed and how the unknowing pet buyer commits animal cruelty as a side effect.

Locanto commends the effort given by this Youtube reviewer to explain how to tell which ads are scams and which are not. A video might work for some users who are too prone to getting scammed where countless warnings and articles have failed.

However, it is not true that Locanto does not do anything to protect users from scams. You know where and how to contact us.

thought.png The title of this month's safer trading article is a question we always encounter in the customer support department. And we never tire of giving Locanto users information and tips in order to keep a safe online trading experience. But there is no denying that the best resource is the voice of the actual users from the Locanto community. Below is an example which unfortunately had to be deleted because the ad was not a real ad. The content belonged to a forum and was obviously misplaced in the category For Sale. This article will teach you how to help others the right way.


Cute puppies? Beware of the trader!

Thinking about buying a cute little puppy? Beware! It happens all too often that scammers play their evil games on the Internet. Easily, the cute little puppy picture turns into a very unpleasant and costly experience. puppies.jpeg

Safer Internet Day: February 11, 2014

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sid.png "Let's create a better internet together" is 2014's slogan for the celebration of Safer Internet Day on February 11. This tagline is a wakeup call for all internet users and does not just involve website admins and authorities alone. Like we at Locanto always say, internet safety is a two-way street. Actually it's gone way more interactive than that. It works more like a huge community now, where we look after each other's safety.

We give you information and warnings on the site, and you as our users should read them, be aware and spread the word about it. How can we participate in our own way?

When you are new to a website, do you first read a site's terms of use and privacy policies before continuing to the site? Do you bother to check the links at the bottom of the homepage? You should!
We were just wondering why, despite the many warnings we have installed on Locanto, still some users violate the rules and worse, get scammed. Let us explain further why you should pay attention to these details no matter which internet platform you use.

Secure Payments And Scams

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Unfortunately for the reckless internet user, there is only a very thin line between "secure payments" and scams. Quite often, this "thin line" is - being taken for granted until a lesson is learned. To all our readers and Locanto users, please read further for your own safety. 
Sometimes, no matter what precautions we take, no matter how many articles we publish, scammers still find their way through to their victims. No matter how hard we push just to inform you; our users, through our blog and social media, including the website itself, efforts end up as one of the following:

  • Unnoticed
  • Ignored
  • Disregarded
  • Lost somewhere in the world wide web trash folders.

But for those who realized this too late and already got scammed, no worries! We have a solution for you.
dog.png With the improvement of our technology, buying and selling everything on the internet these days has become very popular not just for tech-savvy individuals but also for those who just have basic internet know-how, as most online buy and sell sites are very user friendly, just like Locanto.
However, sometimes (just like offline) we cannot avoid encountering people who make a living out of fooling other people. These are the so-called "scammers". Sometimes even the most internet-forward person can also fall prey to their tricks. They practice an ever-evolving "art" of finetuning their ads to get the next victim. This is why we insist that people should get familiar first with the advertiser and ask questions. And please, always trade locally. Always ask for an appointment to inspect the pets you want to buy in person. But before it gets as far as that, Locanto wants to save you time and money by reminding you about the 10 telltale signs of pet scams.

If you have a big heart with lots of space for a cute pet, you might be the perfect victim for Internet Pet Scammers. Luring you in with heartbreakingly cute pictures and false promises, these scammers have the potential to take you on an emotional and financial ride that will have your head spinning.
While many pets and puppies have found a loving and caring new home through Locanto, there are still some cases we wished we could prevent.