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When you are new to a website, do you first read a site's terms of use and privacy policies before continuing to the site? Do you bother to check the links at the bottom of the homepage? You should!
We were just wondering why, despite the many warnings we have installed on Locanto, still some users violate the rules and worse, get scammed. Let us explain further why you should pay attention to these details no matter which internet platform you use.

Sometimes, no matter what precautions we take, no matter how many articles we publish, scammers still find their way through to their victims. No matter how hard we push just to inform you; our users, through our blog and social media, including the website itself, efforts end up as one of the following:

  • Unnoticed
  • Ignored
  • Disregarded
  • Lost somewhere in the world wide web trash folders.

But for those who realized this too late and already got scammed, no worries! We have a solution for you.
contract.png Have you been searching for your next part-time job or sideline for a while now? Just take your time. Grabbing the first opportunity you see will not guarantee your success. It pays off to do proper research in order to know what it is you would really like to do to earn a bit of money on the side and what kind of job will make you feel that you are not sacrificing your free time for naught. Just because you are not looking for a career to build doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be too eager for your own good.

construction_barrier.png The E-book ghost employment scam

Two months ago, Locanto did an expose on how home-based job scams work. There are many varieties of this type of home-based/internet/online/data processing job scams spreading rampantly on the web. The scam appeals to almost every kind of profile: the bored housewife, the currently unemployed, the entrepreneur, the part-time job enthusiast, the internet-savvy youth. If a job opening is posted online and the wording used is very professional and sophisticated, any internet-curious individual wanting to make some money on the side is in danger of falling for a sly scam like the E-book ghost employment scam. Take note: Not all home-based jobs are scams. It is just hard to tell which jobs are legitimate and which are scams.

construction_barrier.png Recruitment Scams

Looking for greener pastures has never been this convenient, thanks to free classifieds. It has also never been this easy for scammers to cash in on clueless hopefuls trying to find better-paying work contracts abroad due to the lack of opportunities in their own country. What's ironic is that most of these people who get victimized by scams are the ones coming from poorer countries. Take the Philippines for example. The workforce in the service industry hopes to find better rewards for their careers as assistant cooks, chefs, waiters, bartenders and the like. Scams rampantly exist. This is why Locanto aims to arm users with the indicators to recruitment scams.
construction_barrier.png In last month's safer trading article, Locanto has unlocked information and tips about detecting employment scams in the hopes of saving job applicants from falling prey to online job sharks. Sure, there are many more styles of fooling job searchers, but Locanto is vigilant enough to inform readers about online job ads to be cautious of. With the help of some Locanto users and blog readers who have shared their experience with us, we have been able to trace down in detail how these job scams work.

From the nanny job scam, we move on to the home-based job scam.

construction_barrier.pngEvery long term gain entails some amount of investment. This especially applies when you are looking for a job. You spend a lot of time and effort for these: drawing inspiration to make sure you have written your best application, battling with your ego and self-esteem regarding the most appropriate photo to send, materials you need to produce your resume, resources to send them to different employers or agencies, encouraging yourself to at least try applying for a job despite having occasional fear of rejection, and looking for the right job offers in the first place.
Transportation and attire costs are also to be taken into consideration as well if and when called for a personal interview. Sounds normal, as nothing great that lasts long can be acquired by just batting an eyelash. In some cases when you are coming from a faraway area and you do not end up getting the job, you are even reimbursed by the company for the travel expenses. That's if you are lucky.

What if you pay for a passport and travel expenses to go abroad, for example? For the shame of asking if you will get reimbursed before even getting interviewed, you keep your mouth shut. So you end up spending again and investing all of yourself into this emotional roller coaster of a process.

As an act of concern for its users, Locanto shares some information on how to detect if you are investing too much in a job application that it is now considered a scam (that's if it's still not obvious to you).

Are you looking for a job? Searching online is a great way to find - and score - your dream job, as the selection is larger than in a newspaper, and oftentimes you can directly contact the company you are interested in, or find more information about them with only one click to their homepage.
But the world of online job sites isn't always a bowl of cherries. Not every job opportunity is as glamorous, as easy, or as profitable as promised in the ad. Job scams are just another way to separate you from your hard earned money. Most of these scam jobs on the Internet are advertised as work from home jobs and mainly target retired people, disabled people, mothers, students, and anyone else who wants to make some extra cash while staying at home. While there are many legit work from home jobs, you should still be aware of the many scams floating the Internet.

How do I recognize employment scams?
Have you ever heard of MLM? Those three letters stand for Multi-Level Marketing and can be a very risky 'get-rich-quick' scheme that can cost you a lot of money.
There are however two types that need to be distinguished, MLM and the Pyramid Scheme. Here, promoters at the top of the pyramid earn by convincing people to join the scheme. They make money by collecting the fees that people have to pay in order to join. The only way for the member to earn any money is by convincing others to join and collecting their membership fee.

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