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policeman_usa.pngThe internet, despite its enormity, can also be described as a community. In every community there are guardians of peace and safety. In the real world that's your local law enforcement personnel. Do you know who their counterparts are on the world wide web?

The virtual world is safeguarded by website owners, admins or quality controllers and bloggers. However, the majority of decision-making and risk-taking is left up to the internet user. Not all internet users read blogs and warnings nor think skeptically. An inherent self-protection mechanism is yet to be developed in these people when it comes to online offers. While we can all learn Karate and apply it in dire situations in the real world, we cannot really do virtual Karate when buying a too-good-to-be-true item offered by a scammer. We often get too excited by frilly ploys and eagerly take the bait. Before we realize what just happened, it's already too late. What's sad is that in some countries, agencies only provide reactionary measures, if at all.

How about conducting your meets and exchanges at the police station (with prior arrangement with the officer-in-charge of course)? This way if something goes wrong, you could immediately file a report. That's if meeting at a police station isn't a deterrent in itself for would-be scammers. Always trade locally and arrange a local meetup during the day and where it is safe.

Be wise, be proactive. And best of all, make your tax money work for you. Ask the police to protect you.
Fotolia_69203847_S_copyright.jpg All the online marketing campaigns for #blackfriday and #cybermonday have been flashing in front of your eyes since last week, tempting you.Thoughts scramble into your head, like "Maybe I should already stock up on gadgets that make good Christmas gifts", "Maybe I should get as many of these gadgets as possible and then sell them later at a higher price"...

While you are busy thinking where you will buy your most-coveted gadget, scammers have probably already devised a trap for you. Whereas black friday deals in physical stores are limited to just a few items per customer, online stores may offer you as many units as you can possibly afford. Watch out for fishy deals like that! (If you see one on Locanto that slipped our eyes, please report it to us immediately.)

Scammers can already imagine you salivating from the 50% off (or even bigger) deal you've been eyeing since you read that article from CNET or from Tom's Guide about Walmart's techie deals.
Fotolia_68486535_S_copyright.jpg Scam manifests itself in many ways. Apart from the usual non-arrival of paid items through online transactions, there is also a type of scam that makes the scam victim an accomplice to the crime. We call this the "collector's scam". Most of those involved belong to the upper echelons of society. These victims have a penchant for exotic luxury items used either for clothing or most of the time, as home decor. Sounds harmless, right?

Wait until you see where those exotic items are coming from. When you find out how the materials were acquired, you'll realize this issue is a real life-threatening one that shoud be taken seriously and should be addressed now. When you are endangering wildlife with your actions, you instantly know you are answerable to the law.

Locanto is seriously impressed with the work of the Singapore police force in battling against online scams. It is nice to have a solid partner in safeguarding Locanto users' online trading safety. Therefore, we highly recommend browsing through this website for awareness and early detection of online scams, especially in Singapore:



Following the motto of the Singapore Police Force, "CRIME PREVENTION - A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY", Locanto promises to continue its community service through regular advisories posted on this blog not just for our own community but for all other internet users.

thought.png The title of this month's safer trading article is a question we always encounter in the customer support department. And we never tire of giving Locanto users information and tips in order to keep a safe online trading experience. But there is no denying that the best resource is the voice of the actual users from the Locanto community. Below is an example which unfortunately had to be deleted because the ad was not a real ad. The content belonged to a forum and was obviously misplaced in the category For Sale. This article will teach you how to help others the right way.


As the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil gets closer, we are reminding football fans once again to be very careful with everything involving sales and trading, especially online. We wrote a similar article back in 2012 for the London Olympics. Within 2 years' time, we are very sure that the modus operandi of scammers have improved. Here are valuable tips so you don't end up getting scammed:

wcrd14_logo_th_199x118.jpg Existing in a generation that relies heavily on technology for communication renders a third of the world population helpless when it comes to issues like security, billing and having contracts that are fair. Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, SMS, MMS dependency and Internet usage in general have become deeply ingrained parts of our lives that we fall prey to phone and internet packages that are made available to us, no matter what price. For many, the internet is their only access to "being social". However, not everyone is well aware of their rights as consumers and not everyone is well-informed about securing private data. With the recent controversy about the NSA tapping all lines of communication for their "security purposes", this year's World Consumer Rights Day topic proves to be the most appropriate among other consumer rights issues.

Safer Internet Day: February 11, 2014

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sid.png "Let's create a better internet together" is 2014's slogan for the celebration of Safer Internet Day on February 11. This tagline is a wakeup call for all internet users and does not just involve website admins and authorities alone. Like we at Locanto always say, internet safety is a two-way street. Actually it's gone way more interactive than that. It works more like a huge community now, where we look after each other's safety.

We give you information and warnings on the site, and you as our users should read them, be aware and spread the word about it. How can we participate in our own way?

When you are new to a website, do you first read a site's terms of use and privacy policies before continuing to the site? Do you bother to check the links at the bottom of the homepage? You should!
We were just wondering why, despite the many warnings we have installed on Locanto, still some users violate the rules and worse, get scammed. Let us explain further why you should pay attention to these details no matter which internet platform you use.

Lately there's been a lot of noise about the latest gaming gadgets such as the PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders were overflowing, advance deposits have been sent and launch parties were held all over the world by the biggest electronics stores, to the benefit of big companies Microsoft and Sony. Unfortunately, somewhere in between the big companies and the gamer, there are other unwanted entities also benefitting heaps from this gaming rush - the scammers.

We stumbled upon an article about a father who paid a hefty sum to a seller in another classifieds site out of desperation to acquire a PS4 for his son. Normally scams happen through shipping deals, but this one was „in your face". Or rather a slap on the face of the dad who only wanted to make his son happy for Christmas. He met up personally with the seller to buy the PS4, which turned out to be a PS4 box, with towels inside.