Never Expose Your Email and Phone Number On Ads

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When you are new to a website, do you first read a site's terms of use and privacy policies before continuing to the site? Do you bother to check the links at the bottom of the homepage? You should!
We were just wondering why, despite the many warnings we have installed on Locanto, still some users violate the rules and worse, get scammed. Let us explain further why you should pay attention to these details no matter which internet platform you use.

privacy.png The image above is a screenshot of our privacy policy which explains in detail that anything a user decides to post publicly on an ad is a risk taken by the user. Should any consequence arise due to this "risk", Locanto is not to be held accountable for it. There are logical reasons for this:

  1. Locanto has a free messaging system for all users.
  2. This feature allows users to conceal their real email addresses and post their ads under a "codename" or a cipher, so that no one can see your email address and start spamming you or use your email address for malicious intent. The same reason applies to telephone numbers.
  3. Should you eventually get scammed by someone on Locanto:
  4. Because you decided to contact someone using a direct email address instead of the Locanto messaging system, we cannot trace evidence of crime and provide information to the police, if you send your messages externally. Remember that most email systems are free-for-all and are disposable. After they have scammed you, they can just disappear and close their email account. There is a rationale for the saying "What happens on Locanto, should stay in Locanto". We can only protect you within our borders.
  5. Users who have posted their telephone number on ads have been contacted by scammers who either
  6. pretended to be Locanto employees and started harassing them for money, and/or pretended to be interested to buy an expensive item you are selling, like a car. Yes, scammers are not only sellers. They can also be buyers who send you fake personal cheques, and then you get to find out only after you have sent the item. If the shipping company also happens to be a scammer in cohorts with the fake buyer, you might as well just charge it to experience, cry and forget about it.

    But why charge it to experience when you can protect yourselves from scams now and be a smart internet user? And should you ever be in doubt, you know that you can always contact customer support. We also have other channels for you where you can share your thoughts with other users by liking our Facebook page or adding the Locanto Google+ page to your circles and following our regular advisories. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Hopefully not about getting scammed.

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