Valentine's Day, the Day of Love and Affection: Locanto's Words of Protection

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"The rose is red, the violet's blue
The honey's sweet and so are you
heart.png Thou are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
And fortune said it should be you!"
-Gammer Gurton's Garland (1784)

"Roses were red, when they reach you they're blue
You're lucky if they at all get to you
You show your love, and I fake mine
I dig into your wallet, my valentine
The money was sent and then I knew
The less-informed you are, the more I trick you!"
-Scammer Crooky's Ode to the Oblivious (every chance they get)

Cheers to the upcoming day of love and hearts on February 14th! We are all already very familiar with the good, lovely and sweet side of Valentine's Day. However, we should also be aware of the things that could possibly go wrong. It is just like Christmas, another commercialized season that leaves the human soul vulnerable to being extra gallant, generous and lovestruck.
Love is the operative word for everyone. Love conquers all. It is a season and situation fraudsters "love". Expect them to again be on the lookout for opportunities to conquer unwary people whose intentions are just to show their love for their significant ones by traditionally giving flowers, candies, chocolates, and other forms of gifts. It is also the time of the year when the loveless ones feel the pressure to find a partner, thus resorting to instant online dates and disregarding their common sense, which most of the time turn out to be a disaster.

Locanto helps you open your hearts this Valentine's Day without opening your wallet so wide, you end up empty-handed and in some cases, feeling empty deep inside.

Buying flowers and candy online

flower_red.pngSo you want to express your love by sending traditional gifts like flowers and expensive confectionery? How about gadgets and jewelry if you want to go all the way? Go ahead if your wallet allows you that. However, when purchasing flowers or any other gifts online, please make sure that the businesses actually exist and that they are legit. Here is how these shops could make a dirty profit out of you in varying degrees:

  1. Some shops may just turn out to be "middlemen". They put up ads saying they are located in your town and are reachable via email or phone. Be careful as sometimes these may just be call centers pocketing the bulk of the money and plainly ordering just a cheap, low quality floral arrangement or gift to be delivered to your loved one. While there are many credible businesses of this nature, it helps to check if they are reliable and if they have the necessary permits. Sometimes you don't even receive anything from them at all. That's the worst case scenario. The best option is to make sure you buy directly from a shop you are already familiar with.
  2. flower_blue.png
  3. Never fall for seemingly credible looking websites these crooks may have just temporarily put up. Scammers pull off their tricks professionally so expect the quality of the website to be good even if the business does not exist at all. When paying for an item, never do advance payments via untraceable money transfer services. You want your flowers to be fresh and beautiful. Take the time to pick up the floral arrangement and pay for it personally. This way you could even develop a customer-business relationship faster, that might bring you wonderful deals in the future. If you are far away and want to send flowers to someone, choose an established company with good feedback from other customers. No matter how cheap the item might be, it always feels good to know you are being a wise consumer.
  4. As opposed to really expensive and grandiose flower arrangements that cost more than your month's supply of food, there are those vendors offering really cheap ones. They post beautiful photos online to lure you in and entice you further by giving you an unbelievably good rate. Remember, exquisiteness has a price. Nothing ever comes cheap or for free, moreso during special occasions. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. A small amount of money might not count a lot for you if you lose it, but think about how you get to fund illegal or fraudulent arrangements these fly-by-night businesses are running by falling prey to such rackets.

Weekend getaways and culinary highlights

A great valentine's weekend getaway or a romantic restaurant promo treat for two sounds great as well. Booking these arrangements directly with legitimate businesses will make the occasion so much better. Peace of mind is priceless. hotel.pngWhen booking accommodations, double check if the establishment exists and if the agent or advertiser is legitimate and credible. If you are in doubt, go to the official site and inquire about bookings there. And as we always say, never pay reservation fees through untraceable means like Western Union, and never give out too much personal information. Stable businesses are aware of the right way to handle their customers and would not dare go beyond asking just the vital information needed to hold a reservation.
Promos and special discount rates are also nice to avail of. But not without first checking with the establishment directly. Give the respective businesses a call and verify if such vouchers or certificates are honored and if they are transferable. Yes it is an extra hassle to always check, but for your loved ones, going the extra mile should be the best manifestation of love and effort.

SIngle? Find love online!

For those who are loveless, it is understandable that online dating sites are quick fixes to loneliness, no matter if it is a long-distance relationship or not. However, it is also important to be conscious enough not to fall into a Western Union relationship spiral. heart_preferences.pngScammers are experts in what they do so much that they know how to lure people into falling in love with them and making them send money. After establishing trust in the "relationship", the scammer comes up with a sob story like an immediate operation needed for a sick member of the family. In these cases, the scammers dwell on the urgency of the matter that the victim does not even have the time for having second thoughts of sending money the fastest way, which is normally by Western Union. After this, the "relationship" ends or the "hypnosis" goes on.

All of these things might sound too bitter for the occasion to our readers, but these cases exist in reality. Locanto concerns itself with the welfare of its users. Should you encounter any of these on our site, please contact our customer support team to have the fraudulent ads taken down. Having said our piece, we wish you all a love-filled, scam-free and wonderful Valentine's Day celebration from the bottom of our hearts!

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Just in time for Valentine's day! I'll share this on my page so I could also help some friends out..Thanks Jenn this is very useful..

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