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Holy Week? What's That?

In major Christian countries like the Philippines, Holy week starts today, the Sunday before Easter. What do people usually do around this time and how significant is the photo below to people who take the holy week at heart?

This spring article has been posted on behalf of our very own Boston girl, Mary who loves Rhubarb and is trying to catch up with the gardening styles of Germany. This beautiful face on the right claims she has Hulk hands. She explains why below.

Pinterest told me that I could be a champion gardener. I simply needed a vintage-looking shovel, red polka dot apron, wobbly straw hat, and soon all of Instagram would seethe in jealously over my horticultural prowess.

Two hours, a pair of ripped jeans and one bloody forearm later, I threw in both the towel and apron. I didn't have a green thumb, I had Hulk hands, and they had just brutally strangled all known life-forms from my fantasy flower oasis. Pinterest, you are a dirty little liar.
LocSing.png In this day and age of high consumerism, classifieds sites like Locanto Singapore are a big help to regular people who want to get the best items at significantly lower prices. How? By buying second-hand items or used stuff being sold in your local community. Keeping up with trends is now made easier for wise buyers.

An item doesn't have to be brand new to be appreciated. By selling your pre-owned, pre-loved items on Locanto, you earn extra money. This enables you to buy other items you dream of owning. You can even swap items with people in your community.
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South Africa, located at the southern tip of the continent, is not only a major tourist destination but has also turned into a major expat hub in recent years. It's usually the beautiful landscape and the great weather that draws people from all over the world towards the rainbow nation. However, finding work in South Africa and securing a work permit can be quite a challenge.
Today, October 16, is the day in which we celebrate World Food day, in honor of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) established in 1945.

Today is the day; International Left-Handers Day . This day we celebrate all the hassles that left-handers have been through because right-handers outnumber them.

Imagine a world full of devices, only for left-handers, doing things more easily or being able to play your favorite instrument without any hassles. Many famous left-handers had to struggle while making it to the top; Michelangelo , Albert King (guitarist), Julius Caesar (who adopted the right handed shake so that his weapon hand would be free) and many more.

How well do you know your local classifieds site? Test your knowledge and find out how you can maximize your Locanto experience .

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Here's wishing you a happy easter celebration! To make it even more special, Locanto invites you to try out making origami easter bunnies. The pattern can be downloaded from here. The instructions are accompanied by step-by-step photos below. Have fun with the Japanese art of paper folding and Locanto!

thought.pngWith the start of the New Year comes the tradition of setting new year's resolutions to serve as inspiration and guidance for us to improve ourselves in the coming year. However, making resolutions is not as simple as putting together words and composing a list of things to do that may sound the same as what others have set for themselves. New year's resolutions are personal vows we make to create better versions of ourselves and not merely a result of pressure to be part of the bandwagon. It does not matter whether you just have 2 goals to accomplish this year or 20. What's more important is how these goals can be attained to make sure that the changes made would have lasting results and not just good for the first half of the year. Let Locanto lead you out of the endless cycle of setting yourselves up for disappointment. You deserve a lasting result based on your efforts which you can enjoy not just this year but for a lifetime.

locanto_how_to_post_an_ad_video.jpg Do you know how to post a free classifieds ad on Locanto? Posting a free classifieds ad on Locanto is fast and simple! Watch how to post an ad now in the following video:

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