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Successful ads are not difficult to achieve. Simply read through this guide and you're well on your way to getting more inquiries.

Learn how to efficiently edit, delete or upgrade your ad with Premium Features. Measuring your success is also an important aspect of ad posting. You need to know how many views and clicks you've already had for your ad since you posted it. Here's how and where:

10 Facts About Locanto

earth.png 1. Locanto is available in over 50 countries worldwide. This means you can use our site even while you are travelling! Find out which Locanto countries are available here.

free.png 2. Posting an ad on Locanto is absolutely for free. Adding links and photos to your ad also costs nothing. Did you know that you'll find the "Post free ad" button on almost every page of Locanto?

piggy_bank.png 3. Locanto helps make your day-to-day routine more convenient and easier to handle. You can buy your car from Locanto, look for a new apartment or even a new job, find new friends or even missing persons and sell things you no longer need at home. Through this, you can definitely make extra money without spending so much effort.

users_communicate.png 4. Enjoy the advantages of having a Locanto account: having a user's profile, communicating with other users anonymously, managing or editing your ads, adding or changing your email subscriptions and saving your favorite ads, among others.

highlight.png 5. Premium Features let you add emphasis to your ad on Locanto so that other users will see your ad faster. This way you boost your chances of selling your item 10x faster!

mobilephone.png 6. If you're the kind of person who's always on the go and is a heavy smartphone user, you can also use the Locanto App for iPhones and Android phones - for all other devices, the mobile site is also available.

security.png 7. Our Classifieds Blog gives you a behind-the-scenes view of Locanto. Safety tips, news and warnings are also found on our Safer Trading Blog to guide you when buying and selling online - Beware of scams!

news.png 8. You'll find us on Social Media too! We are very much active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, where we keep you updated daily about the latest news and trends.

handshake.png 9. Be a Locanto Partner now! Users with a big amount of ads (minimum 100) have a chance to upload these via feeds using our API.

customersupport.png 10. On Locanto, the customer is king! Our Customer Support is readily available to answer your questions and to offer help when using the site.
When is Father's Day celebrated, really? Our friend, Wikipedia says that in most countries, it is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. But there are also countries like Tonga and Romania which have already celebrated it. Well, for us here at Locanto, every day where a father shines and shows his love for his children is Father's Day. Here is our favorite video from Facebook.

Nick Lee Britnell, thanks for sharing this idea. It's really cool! More uses for the vacuum cleaner!


Good news to all our Locanto Android App users! We have just added more functionalities to the Android App to make your Locanto experience even sexier and more interactive!

All That Jazz!

Since April 30 is International Jazz Day, we're going to help you celebrate in 10 Locanto ways!

  1. If you're the concert-watching type, you'll find all Jazz-related events in the US listed here.
  2. Are you a Coltrane fan? Here's a feast for your eyes, under books.
  3. Wanna make your own music? Here's a cool guitar for you.
  4. Are you having your wedding in New York and you'd love to jazz up your reception a little?
  5. Interested in a teaching offer for a Jazz Ensemble Director in Boston (Apply now before this ad is gone!)
  6. Wait! Do you dream of jazzing things up in Moscow? Stay at this hotel.
  7. Do you know Jim Morrison? This was "where he lived".
  8. Heard of the color "jazz blue"? If you buy this car, you'll be as sleek as jazz.
  9. Fancy a dog named Jazz?
  10. Last but not the least, learn how to do jazz improvisations!

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Holy Week? What's That?

In major Christian countries like the Philippines, Holy week starts today, the Sunday before Easter. What do people usually do around this time and how significant is the photo below to people who take the holy week at heart?

This spring article has been posted on behalf of our very own Boston girl, Mary who loves Rhubarb and is trying to catch up with the gardening styles of Germany. This beautiful face on the right claims she has Hulk hands. She explains why below.

Pinterest told me that I could be a champion gardener. I simply needed a vintage-looking shovel, red polka dot apron, wobbly straw hat, and soon all of Instagram would seethe in jealously over my horticultural prowess.

Two hours, a pair of ripped jeans and one bloody forearm later, I threw in both the towel and apron. I didn't have a green thumb, I had Hulk hands, and they had just brutally strangled all known life-forms from my fantasy flower oasis. Pinterest, you are a dirty little liar.
LocSing.png In this day and age of high consumerism, classifieds sites like Locanto Singapore are a big help to regular people who want to get the best items at significantly lower prices. How? By buying second-hand items or used stuff being sold in your local community. Keeping up with trends is now made easier for wise buyers.

An item doesn't have to be brand new to be appreciated. By selling your pre-owned, pre-loved items on Locanto, you earn extra money. This enables you to buy other items you dream of owning. You can even swap items with people in your community.
 Andrew Penfold (InterNations GmbH)_iStock.jpg
South Africa, located at the southern tip of the continent, is not only a major tourist destination but has also turned into a major expat hub in recent years. It's usually the beautiful landscape and the great weather that draws people from all over the world towards the rainbow nation. However, finding work in South Africa and securing a work permit can be quite a challenge.
Today, October 16, is the day in which we celebrate World Food day, in honor of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) established in 1945.

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