As an internet-savvy Locanto user, has it ever occurred to you how powerful you can be when it comes to saving the environment? You possess such an impact that you could either help save mother earth or destroy it. On Locanto, you can be sure that you will always be reminded of your responsibility to nature and to society. Besides our blogs, you also have advisories all over the site.

Welcome to our no-stress section on Locanto! As we do our World Cat Day countdown...

...we'd like to invite you to take a few moments and enjoy our fave social media finds. We came across this cat video compilation on Facebook and so far this is one of our recommended clips. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Gjertsen!

Would you ever be driving a #cat #car like this if you were so passionate about #felines?

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We know you want to stay updated about the FIFA results. Here is where we get our updates. Twitter shared this with us:

FIFA-crazy on Twitter!

Thanks, Twitter!
Here's one of our @Locanto Facebook fans, expressing his thoughts why he isn't watching the worldcup games anymore.

When is Father's Day celebrated, really? Our friend, Wikipedia says that in most countries, it is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. But there are also countries like Tonga and Romania which have already celebrated it. Well, for us here at Locanto, every day where a father shines and shows his love for his children is Father's Day. Here is our favorite video from Facebook.

Nick Lee Britnell, thanks for sharing this idea. It's really cool! More uses for the vacuum cleaner!

Yesterday was the International Day of the Family and we shared this post on our Locanto Facebook page:

We definitely know more famous families like:
  1. The Kardashians,
  2. The Osbournes,
  3. The Olsen Twins, and
  4. The Family Guy (cartoons) to name a few.
But we spotted a very nice video at the right time. Talk about timing!
Here's your daily dose of our social media favorites.
On today's menu:

  • Fried breaded chicken (or rather dogs?) from Tiffany Evans on Facebook. The photo got us hungry.

  • TiffanyEvansFabebook.jpg
  • The cleanest but meanest cat ever: The cat that swats.

  • loclogo.png

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