Locanto is a free worldwide classifieds website that helps you with all your local needs. Locanto offers free local trading in 50 countries. The Locanto website is available in 5 languages and is being operated by a small team of classifieds enthusiasts.

What Locanto stands for:
  • Classifieds should be free to the public
  • Local trade is sometimes the best way to go
  • Together we CAN fight scams on the Internet
  • Classifieds should be easy to use
Besides Locanto, our team also operates and manages two other local web applications: askalo, a local questions and answers community and Yalwa, a free local business directory which are both also available in 50 countries around the globe.
If you have any further questions or want to give us a feedback, visit our
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Have fun with Locanto!

Your Locanto Team


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