Christmas In The Eyes Of Locanto Users

Every year, Locanto writes about Christmas for different reasons. In 2009, we "wrote a letter to Santa Claus about our what normally comprises a wishlist". In 2010, we wanted to remind everyone about "giving back to the community". In 2011, we shared our very own "Christmas in different languages" video and last year, we talked about the food we usually associate with Christmas.

This year, we are sharing YOUR thoughts about Christmas.

Yes. You, our Locanto users. Remember our Facebook online interview? 1469964_10152003091054373_476449038_nc.jpg
Just for a recap, we asked you these three questions:
  1. What 3 words remind you of Christmas?
  2. What Christmas gift would you love to receive this Christmas?, and
  3. Is this Christmas different from all the other Christmasses you've had? Please explain your answer.
Here are the answers of our participants:

From the Philippines:
Dominic seems to be a real music fan and CD collector. He shares this passion with one of our Locanto users from Australia, Costa.

And here's one who loves the movie "The Polar Express". He started out on a seemingly sad tone, but ended up with "Jingle bells!"


Somewhere along reading all those answers, the concept of "selflessness" and "generosity" came out. Here's a man who wishes to find a job in order to help his family:


...And majority associated Christmas with "family", just like John from the US (but currently staying on the other side of the world due to his job):


Margarete, mom of 2, from Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, simply wishes a stress-free Christmas for her family.


It seems, ultimately Christmas is not much about expensive gifts for the family, but special moments spent with family and friends like frolicking in the snow, sharing food during special occasions and enjoying all the Christmas decorations. Another German Locanto user who will be spending Christmas elsewhere for the first time, tells us about special Christmas cookies called "Heidesand", which is really buttery and yummy.


Christmas is also not just for humans but also for pets.


On that note, we would like to thank you for your time and your openness, and let us wish you a very merry Christmas full of love, great food, precious memories and all the wonderful things your hearts long for!



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