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Today is the day; International Left-Handers Day . This day we celebrate all the hassles that left-handers have been through because right-handers outnumber them.

Imagine a world full of devices, only for left-handers, doing things more easily or being able to play your favorite instrument without any hassles. Many famous left-handers had to struggle while making it to the top; Michelangelo , Albert King (guitarist), Julius Caesar (who adopted the right handed shake so that his weapon hand would be free) and many more.


Nowadays, there are so many left-handed devices from can openers, pens, guitars and other instruments as well as rulers, wristwatches, ring binders, scissors and even left-handed cars. Check out Locanto and find your left-handed device today.

Why are left-handers just plain better than everybody else?

Left-handers are wired into the artistic half of the brain, meaning they are imaginative, creative, surprising, emotional, witty, stubborn, delightful, obsessive, original, but never ever, dull. So let your day rock and show everyone how creative you can be! Today is your lucky day, search Locanto classifieds and find your left-handed "toy" today.

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