DIY: Locanto Origami Easter Bunny

bunny start.png
Here's wishing you a happy easter celebration! To make it even more special, Locanto invites you to try out making origami easter bunnies. The pattern can be downloaded from here. The instructions are accompanied by step-by-step photos below. Have fun with the Japanese art of paper folding and Locanto!

Bunny1.png Bunny2.png
Print and cut out the pattern. Make a middle crease by folding it together with the logo facing you.
Fold one side towards the middle. Repeat with the other side.
Fold the corner towards the middle. Do the same with all the other corners.
Undo the folds and this time fold it inwards. Repeat with the other corners.
Turn it over. The open side should now be facing away from you. Fold the upper corner inwards.
Flip it again, with the open side facing you this time. Fold the upper corner towards the middle.
Do the same with the other side. Push the white edges towards the back.
Form the head by folding it into a corner towards the front. Fold together in the middle.
Carefully pull out the red ears outwards...
...while pushing the body downwards.
Fold the back ends diagonally for the feet.
Hold it upright and push the sloping edge inwards. Fold the tip inwards to create a nose.
Adjust the ears accordingly. Now your Locanto origami Easter bunny is born! We hope that you enjoyed our mini easter "origami-course". Again, we wish you a wonderful easter celebration with your friends and loved ones!

Your Locanto team

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