Christmas Is Around The Corner: Locanto Mo Sistas Make It Real

Last week, Locanto proudly reported that it has reached the Top 20 list for the Movember Germany participants. We salute all those who participated in this endeavor, as this is indeed a great way to celebrate Christmas. And we all know that the spirit of Christmas is giving. Gathering efforts to do a charity cause (fighting against prostate cancer and raising awareness about men's health) truly gives "giving" a whole new meaning to it. Movember was a campaign that was well thought-out and is truly appealing to the youth of today. Not only Santa Claus can grow a beard and give gifts, obviously.
As we approach the 3rd advent, we would like to still express our gratitude to "Santa Mocanto's" helpers. This time around, we are also acknowledging the support of Mo Sistas Francesca, Martha and Jennifer. Don't they always say "Behind the success of a man is a woman"? These ladies made up the cheering committee for the team. Here's what they thought about Movember in general:

mosistasmous.jpg Question: Did you know about the Movember campaign before?
Francesca: Unfortunately not. This year was the first time I've heard about Movember.
Martha: Yes, well I heard about it before. But just since last year I know that it's part of a good cause (when my work colleagues published a Movember article on the Locanto blog), before that I thought it was just a funny game in November.
Jennifer: I've only really understood what the sense of Movember was this year, when the whole team took it seriously. It was amazing to have heard about it last year through the Locanto blog, 'though.

Q: What do you think of the idea? Weird? Funny? Unique?
F: When my male colleagues suddenly started to motivate each other to let their moustache grow until the end of November, I was confused about what was happening with them. Now that I know what it is good for, I must say that I really like this funny idea with its "hidden" seriousness.
M: Since I know what it is all about, I have to say that I love it! I find it a funny way to catch the attention of others to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues.
J: It's an eye-catching and somewhat life-changing way of doing a campaign, and it's about time that people focused as well on men. I've seen and heard far too many breast cancer campaigns.

Q:Would you let your boyfriend grow his moustache? Would you kiss him?
F: To be honest, I'm not attracted to men who are wearing a moustache but in this case, yes, I would kiss him anyway!
M: Of course, but just if he does it for Movember ;) I'm sure the first days it may be a bit strange, but if he is doing it for a good cause as Movember aims, he will also get some extra kisses. And who knows, maybe I would like how he looks with a moustache even more.
J: Anything for a good and reasonable cause. Why I'd grow one myself if I could. Haha!

Q: What do you think is the relevance of doing this as women?
F: Surely every woman has an important man in her life, no matter if it's her partner, a friend or a member of her family. That's why I think that by supporting important men in our lives, we show how much we care for their health, not only in their present but for their health in future as well.
M: Well, we all have at least an important man in our lives, someone in our family, our boyfriend/partner or a good friend...and we want them all to be healthy! By being a Mo Sista we show them that we care for their health and that we are there to support them and to make them aware of the importance of their health.
J: Men and women have a balanced coexistence. For a real sense of equality, we ought to go something good for men too, as much as we do it for women.

Q: How can you help contribute to this campaign?
F: I think the first step is to let the world know about Movember and its aim. I am sure there are a lot of people who would like this idea, if they knew about it.
M: By spreading the message about this cause, I have noticed that many people just as me, have heard of "Movember" but not everyone knows that the aim of it is to raise funds and awareness for men's health issues. Now that I know more about this cause my goal is to spread this campaign's message, not just in Movember, but throughout the whole year.
J: By taking a stand and pushing for this project with all the means we have like social media and blogging, we are able to touch the lives of many, in order to save the lives of more. Sometimes, little things and gestures like supporting your husband or boyfriend or a friend while doing this cause and donating a small part of your shopping money go a long way, especially when the small acts of kindness are combined with others' acts of kindness too.

Speaking of acts of kindness, the Mocanto Mo Sistas, on behalf of their officemates and friends at Yalwa GmbH, are wishing everyone a meaningful advent in anticipation of Christmas and its essence, which is giving. Let's do this not just at this time of the year, but always.

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