The Mo: Motivation for Movember's Moustaches and Money

themo.jpg It's the third week of November and we're looking at very promising results for Locanto's Movember team, Mocanto. As the donations for Movember grow weekly, so do our reach and our own awareness of men's health issues, especially about prostate cancer. Not to mention the very amusing moustaches of our male team members. There is more to witness in the coming days and more people will be enlightened by the spirit that drives this cause to succeed. So where's the "mo" coming from? The motivation, that is.

Apart from having such a strong, enthusiastic and fun-loving team, we also do have donors not related to the Mocanto team who also feel strongly about this campaign. Such as one friend of Locanto who insisted on remaining anonymous for this interview.

Mo Sista: Thank you for the huge sum you donated. You brought back my hope to life. People care. We have been promoting this and never really got even 1 euro from others, to think most of them are men and are the beneficiaries.
Donor 1: That does not surprise me. Times are tough all around the world and some people are just not in the position to provide hope and support. Plus cancer in any form touches my heart.... I lost both my mother and sister to breast cancer and my mother's baby brother, who raised me from age 7, my uncle, to lung cancer. So it is very prevalent in my family and I have to get tested every year. Currently my first cousin is doing battle with breast cancer...she is only 52 yrs old. I pray for her everyday and she is true fighter. It has been 6 months since being diagnosed with it. So I can only hope for the best and place it all in God's hands.
MS: And we wish her the best as well. Again, thank you for choosing to help us in this campaign. It means a lot to us.
D1: No issues. I have really no problem donating to worthy causes. It will demonstrate that you're not only concerned but it means something to you because cancer in any form may have not touched you directly but personally through your friendship that you have developed over the years. People who are very close to you, almost like family.

Julen's girlfriend also donated to this campaign despite her dislike of the moustache on Julen's upper lip because she believes in the spirit of the campaign. Besides, this is only for a month. In Julen's case, the "moustache-growing" happens yearly, like a family tradition. It takes a lot of understanding, love and patience to bear with something one doesn't like. Well, at least it's just once a year.

Mo Bro Alfred is amazed at how wide and popular the Movember campaign is and how much importance people put into this cause. During a visit to a restaurant this month, he saw a huge Movember poster on one wall. He also noticed that all the waiters sported moustaches. As support for those participating in the campaign, free beers were given out to men with moustaches. Ain't that cool?

collage_n.jpg Moving over to the fundraising progress of Mocanto, it's going nowhere else but up at 289€ as of November 23. This is a clear victory not only for the Movember campaign and the fate of men's health, but also for the Mocanto team for showing unity in supporting a good cause. The donation period is not yet over so there's still a chance for all the believers of this campaign to push the contributions even higher. Locanto (Mocanto) thanks all the future donors warmly in the name of men's health.

By the way, happy thanksgiving!

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