On Growing A Moustache: Mocanto Team in Movember

5c75fe8e35a8b5f5f05b4b87028b8202-50913c25aae53-hero.jpg As you all know by now, some members of our company have decided to participate in this growing worldwide campaign of growing moustaches (pun intended) for the month of November. Thus, November became known as "Movember" and Locanto became "Mocanto". Movember's motto is to change the face of men's health by raising funds for prostate cancer research and other men's health issues. It is not just about raising funds. It is also about being voluntary walking and talking "billboards" or campaign pushers to spread the information about how men are also deeply affected by the "Big C", cancer. Breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men. Yes, men in rare cases can also suffer from breast cancer and that's also part of this campaign. This is not just a temporary campaign, but a lifelong commitment that it almost became a part of "tradition". For some Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, this campaign is indeed bound to be already a part of their yearly good deeds for this is something fun to do, yet this is no laughing matter at all. "Prostate cancer ain't no joke, but it doesn't mean we can't be positive in facing this disease. So let's increase awareness and face it with a smile (a smile with a moustache over it)". That's what our Mo Bro Julen says about this issue. Let's find out more about his thoughts on this campaign.

Question: You approached me one afternoon, together with the Mocanto team captain Jesse and told me that you are very serious about growing your moustache for this Movember campaign. Where's the inspiration coming from?
Answer: I grow a moustache every November since 3 years. I meant since 2009, not since I was 3. I didn't have a moustache then (laughs). My brother lived in Dublin, where they launched this initiative in 2007 and he told me about this initiative. julenmocanto.jpg Since that time, me and my cousin grow a moustache and we post pictures of us on Facebook yearly. But this is the first time that I'm growing it that long (for a whole month).

Q: Do you have family, friends or other acquaintances that have suffered from prostate cancer?
A: I don't know anyone that had or have prostate cancer. But every man, if they would live long enough, would have prostate cancer. It's extremely frequent among the elderly people.

Q: What made you want to join the Mocanto team?
A: I think that increasing the awareness about cancer is a positive action. And growing a moustache eases the awkwardness from talking about this issue. Through this we can have it in a more relaxed way.

Q: Any other details/thoughts you would like to add?
A: Yes. I want to donate some euros. Can you wait until I do it (smiley)?

And so we did. Julen looks very handsome with his moustache, and his involvement and awareness have grown to proportions that fulfill a committed Mo Bro's duty. Not only did he initiate this campaign for the company, he also was the very first generous person who donated even if he didn't have to, as he is participating already in another way.

Mocanto200.jpg Mocanto team stats nov16teamrangliste.png as of November 16 noon (European time): The Mocanto team ranks #47 among 271 participating teams in Germany. For a group with a small number of participants, this is already a big leap. On the Locanto Facebook page, constant updates about the Movember Mocanto team's progress are being announced to all English-speaking countries, hoping to reach more audiences and in the end, aiming to get more people involved in this awareness campaign. Every male is affected by this matter, directly or indirectly. This issue crosses boundaries and recognizes no nationality. So get involved now. Donate, share the Facebook posts, spread the articles and stay aware, stay healthy.
By the way, you can lose the moustache after November.

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