Movember 30: Moment for Moustaches and Mocanto

Locanto's saved the best for last: in terms of moustaches, inspiration, results and men. November was a productive month for the Locanto team, as they have proven their team unity and productivity as well as their heart for good causes. The Mocanto team was formed for the month of November as an active participant of Movember, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about men's health issues and fighting prostate cancer. Men were expected to grow their moustaches guided by certain rules while the women were expected to spread the word and support their Mo Bros. It was certainly not easy for the male team members to maintain facial hair for a month in an office setting, but they survived the sacrifice and now here they are:

Being walking and talking billboards for a whole month is quite a challenging task, and this will not be just a one-time thing, but also a part of the Yalwa company tradition. As proof of support for social causes, the company matched what the Mocanto team members were able to raise for the whole month, which brought the team up to the 15th place in the Movember Germany Leaderboards in the afternoon of November 30, 2012.

Movember_Ranking_Germany Congratulations to Mocanto, Locanto and Yalwa as well as to the generous friends and family who believe in this campaign. Thank you for believing and making Movember more than just a fun campaign, but also a very meaningful one. Here's a mo-salute to men! To your health!

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