Mocanto Moustache Update Week 2

mowk2.jpg As promised, Locanto is now ready to give you an update about the Mocanto team, the number of participants, the donations they have received in the name of changing the face of men's health and the fun part, the status of their moustaches. Just to recap, the Locanto formed the "Mocanto" team for the month of "Movember". Movember is a campaign that was launched in 2003 in Australia to educate people about the dangers of prostate cancer and to raise awareness about men's health in general. This campaign is now ongoing in these countries: Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, South Africa, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Sweden, and Switzerland. We are quite sure that in the next "Movembers", there will be more concerned countries participating in this good cause. On our Locanto Facebook site, we have encouraged Locanto users to also participate and send their photos to us on the day we announced the birth of the Mocanto team.

Two days ago, we celebrated the birthday of one of our Mo Bros, Manuel. We specifically asked everyone who wanted to give him a birthday gift to just donate it to the Mocanto team because Manuel also believes strongly in raising awareness about men's health concerns. "Since it can happen to every man...", he said. Unfortunately, there were no donations received on that day. It's not yet too late for donations anyway.

One more team member who believes that "it's never too late" is our latest addition to the Mo Bros, Patrick (2nd one on the left side from the top of the photo). The team was lucky enough to have him on board in this project right on time. Patrick is also very enthusiastic about this campaign and is hoping for its success, not just in terms of donations, but more about spreading the word about how important it is to pay some attention to illnesses that specifically target men. Once struck by prostate cancer, a man's life is changed forever.

As for the growth progress of their moustaches, 2 Movember Fridays aren't enough yet to be able to properly shape them. Perhaps next week one of them would already have grown an interesting one, enough to raise curiosity about what these men have gotten themselves into. They are walking and talking "live" billboards for the campaign. Like we always say as Yalwa company team members, corporate social responsibility is something that we give importance to. We certainly hope that by writing about Movember and participating in it, we are already contributing to the way men's health issues are being handled. Mocanto is changing the face of men's health and therefore helping change every man's fate.

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