Mocanto Mo Bro "Lets His Hair Down"

SAM_1077.JPG Today Manuel, a Mocanto Mo Bro celebrates his birthday and therefore lets his "facial hair" down on his special day and the whole month of November. In an article last week, we proudly presented our Mocanto team and explained how this team came about. November becomes "Movember" and Locanto becomes "Mocanto" as the men in our company participate in the campaign where men grow their moustache in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men's health issues.

Let's get to know his thoughts on moustaches, birthdays and men's health issues through this short interview.

Question: How do you feel on your birthday in general, it being in November?
Answer: I always wanted my birthday to be in summer so you can celebrate outside and in general do more fun things.

Q: And do you consider being a Mocanto team member fun?
A: Yes. (smiles)

Q: What can you say about the Movember idea?
A: I like the movember idea since thereĀ“s not a lot of charity events or associations for men. Women have their single mums, breast cancer, mistreated women associations so it's nice to have an event for men especially since it's a very important topic that every man should concern themselves with.

Q: What other suggestions can you give in order to promote men's health issues?
A: Well, I would suggest to promote the movember event some more. I would do it in places where men go or to be found like car repair shops, bars, sport events etc.

Q: What info do you know about prostate cancer? And how do you think this affects you?
A: Well I know that the health insurance shoulders check ups for men from age 45. Since it can happen to every man, I'm also concerned about that topic.

Q: Any difficulties encountered while growing your moustache? Are you comfortable with it?
A: It hasn't really grown yet.

5c75fe8e35a8b5f5f05b4b87028b8202-50913c25aae53-hero.jpg That being said, stand by for more updates about our Mocanto team and their moustaches. Feel like giving our Mocanto Mo Bro Manu a birthday gift in the name of men's health? Do so by checking out our Mocanto team page on the movember site. A little help goes a long way. Not only will you help Locanto continue realizing its corporate social responsibility, you will also be making a birthday celebrant happy, as well as help mankind in general.

Locanto wishes Manuel a blessed and happy birthday!

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