Posting Classifieds in Every State, City, or Village: Introducing the New Locanto

map_usa.png Are you living in a small village in a provincial area? Perhaps in a small town with a population of 1,000? In a "remote" area in a rural zone? Your location was not available on Locanto yet? That has changed now with the new options on the Locanto homepage! You now have the possibility to post and browse classified ads in any city, state, region, or neighborhood, regardless of its size.

You have 3 options to select your location:
  1. Type the desired location directly in the "Search for a location" box,
  2. Click the "Use Current Location" icon (on the right side of the search for a location box) and choose your location from the list. , or
  3. Navigate through the map to select the location of your choice

To make it easier for your future visits, Locanto will remember your selected location. If you wish to change your selection, you can do so by clicking the "change location" or "select location" buttons at the top left hand of the site.
Finding what you want, where you want

nearby_search.pngWhen you're looking to buy a used couch or washing machine, finding offers in your neighborhood save you time and money. The closer the offer to your home is, the easier it is to pick up the item and transport it back. But when it comes to finding a job or a used car, we are willing to accept offers a little further away, if not even state-wide. The new search allows you to narrow down exactly how far away from your location you want to search. Whether it's 5 miles or 200 miles away from you: Find what you want, exactly where you want it!

Posting ads on Locanto is now easier and faster!

Posting an ad on Locanto is now even easier and faster! Simply click the "Post an Ad" button directly on the home page. Choose the category for your ad and enter a description. You may either type the location directly or click the "Use Current Location" button and allow the tracking of your location. Your location will then be automatically detected and instantly added to your ad! Want to try it out? Post an ad now!

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This is very Helpful to the people who are staying in villages.

Thanks locanto to providing this services for Neighborhood people......

This is great stuff

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