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JobsUnsure about the quality of your job applications? Get free advice from Locanto about writing resumes, cover letters, and preparing for a job interview.
A few months ago, a young college graduate sold himself on the Internet after having sent over 300 applications without any success. He was a victim, like so many others, of the current job market crisis. More and more, young people are prepared to do anything to get noticed by jobs. Some are now replacing regular resumes with video resumes, while others have even resorted to dressing themselves as human billboards to gain the attention of employers.

These methods may have proven successful in certain cases, but it is better not to count on these measures alone when seeking a job. Before you consider putting yourself up for sale on Locanto, it's best to start your path towards getting a job with traditional methods, such as writing a resume and cover letter. Of course, you can also add a video or your latest invention to your application, but keep in mind that these additions are not necessarily suitable for every sector of employment.

For those who want to learn about writing a resume, need advice about creating their cover letter, or seek tips about preparing for a job interview, Locanto will be publishing a series of articles of advice on how to produce quality job applications. During the next few weeks we are going to give you methods and ideas on how to write your resume and your cover letter. We are also going to explain how you can successfully prepare for a job interview, and give you the job interviewing Do's and Don'ts.

We strongly encourage you to comment during this series with any questions you may have about the job application process. Thank you!

Are you already confident in the quality of your resume? Post your resume for free today on Locanto Jobs!

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Fantastic Website! I wondered if I might be able to site some of your web page and use a couple of things for a school assignment. Please drop me an email whether or not its ok or not. Thanks

I think you're right. Many people should organise them selves significantly better ahead of participating in placement interviews. For example, if speaking in public is a skill defined as crucial for the job, then they will need to prove that they have this valuable skill in their occupation interview. And not simply rely on certificates to prove it.

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